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An rpg/fighting game that puts players up against one another once a week!!
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 Getting Started

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PostSubject: Getting Started    Fri Jan 15, 2016 10:03 am

1. All characters start at level zero and have zero tithes.

2. You begin the game with five abilities. One passive, three basic, and one ultimate. Your passive ability is that, it doesn't require you to activate it in order to use it; basically it's some form of perk or buff you always have. Your basic abilities including your ultimate require you to activate them, each basic ability can nearly be used as much as you want during a game however you're restricted to one per post, your ultimate however can only be used once per game and cannot be used in your first post.

3. players can make more than one character however they cannot coincide with your other characters, such as you cannot make a team with nothing but characters you control. In addition, it should be known that your characters can and will die in challenges, this is not permadeath, just means you are out of that game.

4. No over use of BS for every character and battles will be watched to determine fairness between characters. I know this will be hard with the freedom you are given in creating your characters and abilities just take a deep breathe and ask yourself "is this a dick move, is this too OP?" if the answer is yes then DON'T DO IT DUDE!

5. In terms of games, each week a challenge will be posted in the "Game Updates" category located in the "event" forum. All players will be required to participate in a game, this will keep the game going on a weekly basis and keep things fresh and new. A new game will be posted every Monday and will close every friday at midnight. A winner for that week will be known on that following Saturday. That winner is given the option of designing the following week's next game; this is optional.

6. This is a friendly forum, treat other's how yo wish to be treated.
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Getting Started
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