Arena of the Dammed

An rpg/fighting game that puts players up against one another once a week!!
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 Combat and in-game events!

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PostSubject: Combat and in-game events!   Fri Jan 15, 2016 2:21 pm

Combat is hit based, meaning you take one damage each time you are hit and once you reach zero hp, you are dead! Even cutting a limb off only counts as a single hit! After posting your actions and if you're gonna use one of your abilities, perform a dice roll which will be located on the bottom left of the the thread! *Note, you cannot perform a roll when posting a topic, but on replies you can and every time you edit a topic, the dice will auto re-roll.* The numbers you roll will determine the effectiveness of your characters actions such as attacking, dodging, and etc.

Dice rolls
Rolling D6 for attacking
1. Fail/backlash *you take 1 damage*
2. Miss
3. Miss
4. Basic hit *basic hits are 1 damage
5. Basic hit
6. Critical hit *double the damage so two points of damage*

Rolling on movements and looting
1. Miss
2. uneventful
3. Close
4. Close
5. Success
6. Reward and success
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Combat and in-game events!
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